Lawns will be estimated by square footage for first mow, then a set price can be negotiated for a lawn contract

$50/hour when running gas-powered machinery (excluding mowing)

$40/hour for irrigation repair and adjustments

$35/hour for electrical tool work and manual labor

Special projects will be billed for time and materials

Special Services:

Weed and Feed/Fertilizer $50 per application of each 15 pound bag (5000 square feet)

Organic waste removal and hauling $100 per trailer load (all-inclusive)


We no longer clean up animal waste and therefore there is no fee. Please clean up your lawn before we mow. If there are any deposits on the lawn when we mow, we will go around that patch of lawn.

Long grass: if grass is more than 5” due to a request by customer to delay or skip service, lawn care will be billed for the time it takes to mow the lawn

$25 cancellation fee of any scheduled service if not cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled service

$15 travel fee for checking on a lawn which does not need to be mowed. To avoid this fee, call more than 24 hours in advance to skip service.