Hill’s Lawn and Landscaping can handle all your landscaping gardening, and out door project needs. Contact us today to get an estimate on your landscaping needs. We can handle any project big or small!

Here are some of our most commonly asked for services. If you aren’t seeing the specific service you’re looking for please feel free to contact us, if we can’t help you we’ll know who can!

  • Mowing – We offer one time or regular mowing services of both residential and commercial properties. Our mowing services include mowing, weed-whacking, and blowing grass off decks, pathways and drives. Our regular mowing services are customizable to your lawn’s needs and your landscaping budget. We base our pricing off lawn square footage, time spent, and location. If you are outside of Steamboat or Steamboat II a travel fee maybe applied. 
  • Weed Whacking – We can cut back your long grassy areas either as a one time or as a regular service. For a one time service we charge machine labor costs for time spent. We can also take care of the organic materials left behind either by mulching with a mow or raking it up and taking it with us. 
  • Fertilizing – We utilize an organic fertilizer that’s safe for children and animals while still making your yard green and healthy. We recommend applying fertilizer multiple times a season to ensure your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs. Pricing for our regular mow customers is just the cost of their regular mow. For one time services pricing is based off square footage and time spent.  
  • Weed Removal – Let us revitalize your flower beds, pathways and rocky areas. We have a dedicated garden crew that can remove weeds either on a regular basis or as a one time service. For these services we charge a manual labor rate, with the option of us disposing of the organic material. We are not certified to use chemical based weed spray, but we do partner with local companies that can take care of your weed spraying needs. 
  • Sod Installation – Looking to have a lively and luxurious lawn within a day or two? We can make that happen! We can beautify an existing lawn area, extend your current lawn, or even turn a natural area into your dream lawn. Pricing is dependent on lawn area square footage, type of grass, and labor. It’s important to note that with all projects a deposit of half the project estimate price is required upon acceptance of the estimate. 
  • Irrigation – We have you covered on your irrigation system needs. We can start your system up, assess and adjust spray coverage, repair and replace irrigation heads, fix line breaks, and end of the season blow outs. Repair, adjustments, and assessment pricing is dependent on time and materials. Start up and blow out pricing is based off the number of zones in a system.  Don’t have an irrigation system, but looking to get one? We can help you figure out what system is best suited to your needs.
  • Tree Removal – We can help in the removal of unwanted or potentially dangerous limbs and trees as well as fire mitigation. Pricing is dependent on time spent, machine labor rates apply when using chainsaws or other machinery. Additional charges such as manual labor, and disposal of organic material may apply if you would like us to completely remove the tree or limbs from the property. 
  • Pruning –  With the help our dedicated garden crew we can prune your bushes, shrubs, trees to keep them thriving all season. Pruning is not only done to control the height and spread, but can rejuvenate an older shrub, and keep the plant healthy by removal of any dead, diseased or damaged wood. If it is is a flowering shrub you will also not only see an increased  amount of flowers, but additional bloom later in the season. Pricing is dependent on the manual labor time spent. 
  • Scoria Removal – Get your lawn ready for the summer by having us get rid of the scoria from your yard. After we power broom and dispose of the scoria you’re left with a lawn ready for spring aeration, dethatching, and mowing. Pricing is based off time spent and the amount of scoria hauled away. 
  • Power Raking – Power raking just like dethaching, only gentler on your lawn. During the winter grass insulates it’s self with decomposing grasses, known as thatch. Removing that thatch in spring allows oxygen, moisture and nutrients to better reach the grass roots, which in turns give you a healthier and greener lawn. Pricing is determined by square footage of the lawn area.    
  • Aeration – Done in the spring and fall, aeration encourages your lawn to grow. Aeration de-compacts the soil in your lawn and offers grass roots better access to air, moisture, and nutrients. Aeration is also a great time to seed your lawn to ensure your lawn stay thick and luscious through summer. Pricing is dependent on the square footage of your lawn area.
  • Leaf Cleanup – Leaving leaves on your lawn can suffocate your grass, killing new growth and leave dead patches while also inviting disease. We can come through with rakes and leaf blowers to get your lawn looking pristine. Leaves can be disposed of a few ways such as adding them to your compost pile, using them as a protective mulch on your garden beds, or we can dispose of them in our compost dumpster.  Pricing is dependent on time spent, and the amount of disposal we take away. 
  • Garden Winterization – Get your garden ready for winter by having our dedicated garden crew cut back your dead or dying annual plants, and your pre-annual plants to prevent disease. Pricing depends on time spent and organic disposal taken away.
  • Seeding, Planting, Mulching – Our garden crew can seed your lawn, plant flowers and trees, and refresh your mulched areas. Pricing is dependent on time spent, cost of materials, and delivery of materials if purchased outside of Steamboat.  
  • Organic Waste Removal – Looking to clean up an area? We can come in and haul away your pile of organic material. We can also clear areas for you and dispose of the material. Disposal costs are calculated in yards. If you are interested in have us clear the area pricing will also be affected by time spent and equipment used.