In order to provide our customers with high quality service, we ask that our customers read through our policies. These policies are in place to ensure that you get the best experience we can offer. Below you’ll see details from how we operate on various jobs to how our billing process works. We love surprises but we want our customers to know exactly what to expect from us. If you have any questions on any of our policies please feel free to contact us!

Lawn & Garden Services:

  • Lawn areas need to be clear of any objects that impede the crew’s ability to complete the job. If the area is not clear the crew will work around the obstacles, but the full service rate will be applied to your invoice.
  • Lawn height will be kept at 3 inches, unless the customer requests otherwise.   
  • If multiple skip services were requested by the customer which then results in the lawn being overgrown you may be subjected to a double mow charge. 
  • Animal Feces need to be cleared from the lawn or garden area prior to service. If feces is present the crew will work around it as best as possible, but if too much is present service may be skipped till your next scheduled date.
  • If a customer’s property is damaged due to our services or employees, please take photos of the damage and report it to Hill’s Lawn and Landscape management as soon as possible. The cost of the repair or replacement will be covered by us. We can repair most possible damages, for the rare circumstances when we can’t, we will find a company to do so.          

Equipment Rental:

  • If any equipment rental is necessary for a project the equipment will be found and rented by Hill’s Lawn and Landscape. Customers will be billed for the cost of the rental, and we will pay the rental company directly.
  • Only authorised employees of Hill’s Lawn and Landscape may use the rental equipment. Should anyone outside the company use the equipment the customer will be liable for the cost of any repairs or injuries. 
  • Due to insurance and liability issues Hill’s Lawn and Landscape is not able to utilize customer’s equipment. 


  • Project estimates that are over a thousand dollars require a deposit of half the estimated cost.
  • Deposits are due when the customer accepts the estimate.
  • Deposits are applied as a credit to the project invoice. If a project has multiple invoices the deposit may be applied in equal parts on each invoice. 
  • Deposits are forfeited if the customer cancels the project with less than 24 hour notice before work begins or if the customer cancels mid project. *Please see our Fee section for more information. 

Invoicing, Payments, Charges & Fees:

For any questions regarding invoicing please email at hillslawnlandscape@gmail.com or call/text (970) 714-8777. Crews are not privy to billing and charging rates. 

  • Invoices – Invoices are sent out to customers via email by the 1st of each month. All of our regular customers have a 15 day period to pay their invoice, after 15 days a late fee of 10% is applied to the total bill. Property management companies have a 30 day period before a late fee is applied. 
  • Payments – Payments can be made online by card, by following the link in your emailed invoice. If you prefer you can mail us a check. If you choose to pay by check please let us know so that we can keep late fees from affecting your bill. Please make all checks payable to Hill’s Lawn and Landscape.

Our mailing address:

Hill’s Lawn and Landscape

P.O BOX 880192

Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

  • Fees – We only apply fees when necessary, and hope that their presence encourages customers to pay on time or work with us on bettering communications. 
  • Late Fee: Applied after the 15 or 30 day pay period has expired. The fee is 10% of your invoice total and will continue to apply to your invoice total every 15 to 30 days until payment is received. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so we offer a one time late fee wave to all customers. If payments are consistently late it is possible that you may have to prepay or place a deposit for services. If payment is not received on two or more consecutive invoices all service will be suspended until your balance is paid off. If you receive a late fee and you have not spoken with us to have it waved you are expected to pay it. If you choose to pay all but your late fee it will roll over to your next invoice until it is paid, waved or service is suspended.
  • Late Service Cancellation: If you cancel any service or job with less than 24 hours notice you will be subject to a fee of half the cost of the service or job. If the job requires a deposit you will forfeit the deposit to cover the cost of any supplies already purchased or rented. If the cost of the supplies is not fully covered but the deposit you will be charged the remainder. 
  • Regular Charges – All charges and discounts will be listed on your invoice. In order to streamline our invoicing process we utilize general descriptions to explain each charge. If you have any questions we are always happy to explain what was done in detail. 
  • Labor rates: These are dependent on the type of labor, but are billed at an hourly rate per employee. We use a time logging app that tracks our employees’ timing per task. This timing is directly imported to our Quickbooks system and logged on your invoice under the “QTY” section. Labor rates differ between machine and labor, to find out more about our rates contact us. 
  • Special Machinery rates: Whenever a project requires non regular machinery equipment you will see an hourly rate difference when compared to our machine labor rate. This is due the specialty training an employee receives in order to operate the non regular equipment. Depending on the machinery and the length of time it is used for you may also be charged for the cost of gas in order to run it. 
  • Mowing rates: We offer regular and one time service options. One time service is charged at an hourly rate, per employee. Our regular service rates are calculated based on the area’s square footage, special requests, and total time to complete. For our regular customers we offer lawn touch ups and check ups. Lawn touch ups are charged at half the price of your regular rate. Lawn check ups are charged at $15. For properties outside of Steamboat Springs a travel fee may also be applicable. 
  • Products: All products such as plants, gravel, mulch, ect., needed to complete a job will be charged to the customer with sales tax. If you qualify as nontaxable a copy of your licenses must be sent to us before we will remove any sales tax. 

NonCompete: Our employees are prohibited to perform any of the services we offer for any of our customers without being scheduled through our office. Please email, call or text our office to request any services. If it is discovered that a customer has approached an employee to complete a service we offer outside of Hill’s Lawn and Landscape, management will reach out to the customer. If a solution can not be found it may mean immediate termination of the employee and any regular service contracts with the customer.